What does 2017 Honda Ridgeline bring new to the market?


Honda has always been one of the top choices when it comes to cars. From the very first day, the manufacturer struggled to meet and even exceed customers’ expectations by providing them with high quality cars that come in a range of models, styles, designs and colours, from city cars, to coupes, SUVs, trucks and so on. In Edmunds opinion, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline is one of the best choices for those interested in mid-sized trucks. Most innovations (such as the in-bed trunk) that were found in its predecessor still remain in the 2017 model, yet other great improvements that make this model unique and here are some examples.

Front-wheel drive

When it comes to trucks, be it mid-sized or regular size trucks, most drivers may not fancy the front-wheel drive feature, but there are some very good reasons why Honda has decided to include this in their 2017 model and the most important one is that the FWD Ridgeline will provide better fuel economy. It is for sure that truck traditionalists who are also looking for a method to reduce their fuel costs will go for this model. However, drivers interested in the Honda Ridgeline model that comes with all-wheel drive system should expect spending around $2,000 more money.

Higher safety and better on-road driving dynamics

Although previous Honda Ridgeline models provided great safety measures, the 2017 model will definitely exceed customers’ expectations, since the manufacturer is always looking to improve the safety system so that passengers benefit from comfortable and secure driving. The active safety tech such as forward collision warning, blond-spot warning or lane departure warning will make driving a lot more secure and will significantly lower the number of car accidents. Another important aspect is related to the on-road driving dynamics of the car, which make passengers feel like they are in an Accord, and not in a midsize truck. This is a great benefit that can make buyers opt for this truck model instead of a full-size one.

There are speakers in the bed

Another thing that 2017 Honda Ridgeline brings to the market is the built-in speakers in the bed of the trunk. This unique feature is going to attract numerous truck aficionados, this is for sure. It is commonly known that conventional speakers did not last the test of weather and time as they were leaving out in the open, but this car model comes with the perfect solution to this matter: six exciters that are built-in the bed walls of the car and that can be easily controlled through the dashboard interface. Worth mentioning is also the fact that they can provide between 500 and 600 watts of sound.

As it can be seen, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline model is one great choice for those looking for a midsize truck. It is recommended though that before buying a car you should read some reliable reviews in order to learn more not only about the features of that car, but also about the pros and cons of buying it.