What car damage can arise from towing your own car

Having your car breakdown on the side of the road is perhaps the most frustrating experience, especially considering just how expensive car repairs are these days, even the smallest ones. In addition to the repair services, if your car is literally not starting, then you need to tow it and most drivers dread this because towing companies can also be quite expensive. To that effect, many drivers try to tow their own cars with the help of friends or neighbours, but that is definitely not the right way to go about it, as significant car damage can arise from such an endeavour, because a number of things can go wrong. Therefore, the wise thing to do would be taking a little time to browse the web for an Ottawa towing service that is reasonably priced and resorting to it rather than towing the car yourself.

The kind of damage that can come from towing your own vehicle pretty much demands on the type of car you are driving, but also on the type of equipment you use. For instance, if you drive an automatic vehicle, you shouldn’t try to tow it with a splicing towrope or tow bar, as you will damage the gearbox. It also depends on the distance you need to tow the car, as if it’s less than 10 miles, you might be able to do it with all four wheels on the ground, but if it’s 15 miles or even more, you will definitely need a dolly, so the best thing to do would be hiring an Ottawa towing service. In addition, the process is not all about the transmission of the car and the type of equipment you have, but also about who’s driving your car and the one that’s towing your car. If the driver does not know the proper way to brake a towed car, for instance, you’ll experience a series if small collisions, which in the end will cost you more to repair than if you were resorting to a professional service in the first place.


Tire pressure and blowouts are two other issues that can arise from towing your own car, especially if you are doing it for a large distance. This is due to the fact that the mass is much larger when you are towing. On the other hand, if you were to use an Ottawa towing service, which will come with a trailer, this will minimise the wear and tear on your car’s tires. The bottom line is that, whether you have an automatic car that can suffer transmission damage if you try to tow it with all four wheels down or you risk a series of collisions that will damage the body of your car, towing your own vehicle is not safe and not recommended and it certainly does not save you money if you look at the bottom line.