If you are a driver, then you know that there is not more annoying thing than a car that breaks down in the middle of the road. But there are times when you can prevent this situation, because your vehicle sends you warning signs, and you only have to pay attention to them. If you take your car to the service before it breaks down, not only that you will save money, but you will also save time, because complex repairs take a lot of time. Here are the main signs you should pay attention to.

Flashing check engine light

When this light is flashing, it points you out that there is an issue with one of the systems of you vehicle, and you should ask a professional as the ones from White’s Bodyworks check it. You should not panic if you notice that the engine light is illuminated normally, but you should make sure that you check the engine as soon as you can. In case the engine light is flashing, then you should take the car to a service immediately, because it can be a sign of an emissions system issue and this can lead to greater damages. Also, if you are on the road, and you see that the car is running differently that it normally feels, you should ask a mechanic check it.

There is smoke under the hood

It does not matter the conditions you are driving your car, you should immediately ask for assistance if you see that there is smoke coming from the hood, not matter its color. This is the sign of over-heating, and under the hood, there are the major systems of the car, so they might be damaged. You should always check the temperature gauge on the board, and in case you notice that it goes up, you should take the car to the service. In case you are driving, and you notice that there comes smoke from under the hood, you should immediately pull over, and open it in order to allow the engine to cool. Also, you should not try to fix it by yourself, you should wait for professional help.

There are leaks

Before you get in the car in the morning, and you drive to work, you should check underneath the vehicle, to see if the ground is clean. In case you notice that there are leaks, you should contact the mechanic and ask them to schedule you for a check. In case the leak is toward the front of the vehicle, then the liquid may have a bright green or dark red color, because it is the coolant, the engine oil, transmission oil or brake fluid. You should not worry if you notice fresh water under the car, close to the passenger seat, during summer, because it is the effect of the air conditioner.

Also, you should take the car to the service if you hear strange noises when you are driving, and if while you are driving the engine is shaking, racing or chugging.