Unfortunately, car accidents happen on a daily basis. Car collisions or accidents that involve HGV drivers and cyclists for instance are extremely common sadly and the most common cause is negligence. Yet, the number of these car accidents can be significantly reduced, especially in the case of truck drivers if before they go on the road again they install an HGV sensor system, camera system and audible alarms on their cars.

Proximity sensor systems

One very important update you should make to your truck before you head off the road again is to install some proximity sensor systems. A large number of accidents involving truck drivers and cyclists occur due to the blind spots the driver is exposed to while on the road. Whenever they have to turn the vehicle to the right or the left, there are high chances for cyclists being in the proximity of the truck to accidentally be hit and hurt (or worst case scenario – even killed!) due to the fact that the driver simply could not see them. Proximity sensor systems can help truck drivers a lot, since they can announce them whenever they get too close to something in traffic, be it another car or cyclists, thus avoiding accidents. Also, these proximity sensors and audible alarms are of great help when it comes to parking your truck, especially if the parking area is crowded. You do not have to worry about hitting other cars anymore, yet this does not mean that you do not have to look or pay attention to the moves you make when parking the truck.

Camera systems are also a must

Another type of equipment that should not miss from your Heavy Goods Vehicle the following time you go on the road is a camera system. These gadgets are extremely helpful and they can be installed on every type of car, from trucks to small urban cars with a minimum amount of effort. The main advantage is that these cameras record everything that happens in traffic. In case you get involved in an accident and you want to prove that it was not your fault, the recordings on the camera can make for a very important and powerful tool. Keep in mind though that if you want to ensure the camera is properly installed and is working accordingly, it is best you resort to professional installation services. Ask the company you order these updates from whether or not they also provide such services.