Transmission Slipping

If you deal with a transmission slipping, then you surely have a transmission which hesitates before engaging the right gear for a given set of driving circumstances. Usually, the hesitation may last for about a second, but it is felt by the driver. And with the time pass, it will surely worsen. If you have to deal with something like this you should have your car checked up by a professional mechanic, or the problem will lead to some more expensive repairs or worse.


Gears that start to slip represent a symptom for both automatic and manual transmissions. Of course, this symptom will express itself in a slightly different way when it comes about different types of transmission. While some short bursts of extreme RPM will be present when the transmission attempt to shift through the gears, in manual transmission the clutch will be required to be let out slower for catching the gears.

Basically, slipping is a condition where the engine is revving but full power is not reaching to the wheels.

Transmission slipping can be caused by a variety of transmission malfunctions and you should not ignore any of them. Among other causes, we should mention the malfunctioning of the torque converter. The torque converter is responsible for sending torque to the car transmission. It allows the engine to continue running even when the car stops. But there are parts inside the torque converter that can wear out or break. Usually replacing this component will solve your problem. Another cause can be the low fluid level which can lead to transmission malfunction, as the transmission needs a constant supply of fluid. The fluid lubricates the moving parts like clutches or gears and prevents unnecessary friction. The fluid level helps the car to find the appropriate gears quickly. But, the problem is that the fluid can leak from a number of seals and gaskets and if this thing happens, you may experience slippage. The most common way to prevent low fluid levels from causing a slip in your gears is to check their level every two or three weeks. If the fluid leaks somewhere in your transmission then you should find a mechanic as soon as possible. And, finally, we can also talk about worn bands and gears when dealing with transmission slipping. Gears come in several combinations and they reflect driving conditions. But, gears and bands can wear out over time. When this thing happens, your transmission may have difficulty in finding the right gear.