The importance of auto maintenance for your BMW

The truth is that cars are not manufactured as they used to be 50 years ago, which means that you shouldn’t be deceived by the false sense of security. If you want your BMW to run as smoothly as possible and avoid car trouble, then you have to get your car looked at by a technician specialized in BMW servicing. By doing this on a regular basis, your car will not only be safer, but also more reliable because the maintenance procedures cover all aspects of your car’s health. There are several measures car maintenance measures that you should undertake and, therefore, bring the vehicle to an auto service facility.

Oil changes

The role of oil changes is to ensure that the motor of the BMW is properly lubricated. The fact is that the engine’s parts rotate smoothly thanks to the oil. What happens is that in time, the effectiveness of the oil is reduced due to the small bits of metal that contaminate it. Additionally, the heat of the engine decomposes the oil by reducing its thickness. When the oil becomes too thin, it can no longer lubricate the engine as it should. You will also notice when the oil is removed from the engine that it leaves behind built up grease, which affects the performance of the motor as well. Although it is recommendable to have the oil changed every 3 months, you should consult the owner’s manual.

Air filter change

The most common maintenance requirement for a BMW is having the air filter changed. If the air filter gets clogged owing to the dirt and dust, the gas mileage is affected, but not only. A clogged air filter has a significant impact on the horsepower and can even affect the overall functionality of the engine. While it is clear that you are required to change the air filter regularly, the frequency is depends on two elements. You have to take into consideration the number of miles driven with the car, as well as the atmospheric conditions. Car manufacturers recommend changing the air filter every 5, 000 miles. It is obvious that driving in severe conditions, such as dirt and dust, means you have to change the air filter more often.


In order to ensure your safety in traffic, you should take care of the most important component of the car: the brakes. While modern BMW’s have improved features regarding the brakes, they have to be checked for failure. Otherwise, you will end up spending more in the long run for repairs. The frequency with which you have to change the breaks depends on your driving style. When you drive aggressively, the brakes will wear off more rapidly.

To sum up, regular car maintenance is the only solution to avoiding car trouble such as break downs in the middle of the road. Although the BMW is a powerful vehicle, you should bring it to an auto service and change the oil and air filter, as well as verifying the condition of the brakes. Regular maintenance keeps the car functioning properly and it will save you money in the long run.