The Amazing Top Gear Mobility Scooter Challenge

“Top Gear” television series is the most viewed factual show on the world. Although people were used to watch a programme that was only about primarily cars and motor vehicles, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond decided to surprise their audience with something new, as they agreed to participate to a project which involved building mobility scooters and testing them in the British countryside.

The secret of the show’s success

The show that began as a regular motoring magazine programme, has developed a humorous style since it was relaunched in 2002. Its presenters have a quirky and controversial way of introducing new automobiles, and according to their fans, this is the reason why the show is so popular. Combining humor with powerful cars will result into a successful television programme that will capture the attention of both men and women. However, the hosts take their job seriously, as they always try to teach those who are interested more about the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a certain vehicle.

What determined the presenters to accept the mobility scooter challenge?

Electric mobility scooters are devices that have the role to provide more independence to people with disabilities. Furthermore, they help those with low mobility to carry on with their daily activities without needing the assistance of another person, which is great for individuals who want to adopt an active lifestyle. However, according to Jeremy Clarkson, these devices are very expensive, which is why he and his coworkers decided to build more affordable electric mobility scooters that can make life more pleasant for disabled people. Furthermore, their goal was to meet the expectations of those who wanted to enjoy the benefits of an off-road device, and go rambling in the hills of the British countryside.

Which was the project’s outcome?

After deciding on the improvements that a mobility scooter should have, the presenters created some amazing devices that are perfect for going off-road. One of the unit was created from two scooters, which resulted into a device with two engines, while the second machine was designed with versatility in mind, as it included great electronics, a handle for changing the seat’s angle, and it even incorporated a coffee machine to keep the user excited. However, the most affordable machine introduced in the show was the one built by Richard Hammond, and besides being very affordable, it integrated a chassis which was composed of two different vehicles. The presenters tested the scooters in the city, but also in the hills, and they managed to use them in shopping centers. Furthermore, they were glad to see that their units could also fit into disabled lavatories.