Choosing Between a Used or Salvaged Car

Buying a car can be a hassle. Between spending hours at dealerships, waiting hours to meet with private sellers, and shelling out some serious cash, it’s obvious why many people hate the car buying process. On top of all of that, you just decide whether or not you want to buy used or new.

In most cases, buying new should be out of the question, as purchasing a new vehicle is one of the worst financial decisions you can make. Instead, you should be considering purchasing your next vehicle as either a used car or a salvaged car. Going this route will save you thousands and thousands of dollars, and you’ll have a bigger selection to choose from. If you’re in the market for a vehicle, check out this article for the benefits of buying either a salvaged or a used car.


Price is the main reason to choose a used or salvaged car, as the price will be at least hundreds, and likely thousands of dollars cheaper than a new car. As soon as you drive a new car off the lot it begins depreciating in value, and used or salvaged cars already are accounting for that huge depreciation. Choosing between a used or salvaged car is going to be a bit difficult, though.

If you go with a used car, the car will likely run just fine (as long as you get a pre purchase inspection) and you won’t have to do any maintenance to it for a while. A salvaged car, on the other hand, will likely be significantly cheaper than a non-salvaged used vehicle, but it also might require significant maintenance before it is ready to be driven. You should try and calculate the cost differential between buying salvaged and repairing compared to buying used so you can see which is a better deal for you.


When you go either used or salvaged, you’ll no doubt find a better selection than if you would’ve purchased a new car. There are thousands and thousands of used and salvage cars for sale across the country, and if you choose one you can get it shipped to you for much cheaper than a new car would’ve been. Since you’ll be able to go back quite a few model years, you’ll be able to find a car with all the features you want for the price that you want.

If you go to the auto auction, you might be able to find an incredible deal on the car that you’ve been eyeing. If you find a salvaged car at the auction, it might even be thousands of dollars cheaper than a used car.


The only downside of choosing a salvaged car is that it likely won’t have a warranty on it. If you get it repaired you’ll probably be able to purchase a warranty for some of the repairs that were done, but it won’t come with a standard warranty like some used cars do.

Some used cars have very appealing warranties that are in some cases better than new car warranties.