Know if your windshield is repairable

  You have returned to your car only to find out that the windshield is damaged. Unfortunately, it is difficult, if not impossible, to prevent damage to the front window. A block of masonry and even trees can fall on your beloved vehicle. Even if windshields are created to provide structural support and withstand strikes […]

Buy only genuine parts for your vehicle

The truth is that owning a car can be expensive because you have to pay insurance, taxes and of course maintenance costs. The most common expense that people come across is changing the parts of the car. Since original components tend to be a bit pricey, many people resort to buying aftermarket auto products because […]

Tips on buying a used car

When planning to purchase a vehicle, buying a new one does not have to be your only solution. You can buy the perfect car without spending all your savings on it. Investing in a used car is the perfect choice, leaving you with extra money.  When you are searching for used Holden cars for sale, […]

How to spot a professional car towing company

Being stuck in the middle of the road with no other choice but to call someone to tow you is a situation that no one wants to experience, but it can happen to anyone, regardless of their driving experience or car model. At one point or another, everyone one might have to call a car […]

Torque Converter

If we should explain how a torque converter works, we should say it is a type of hydrodynamic fluid coupling which transfers rotating power from a prime mover to a rotating driven load.

Alternator Problems

The five signs that can indicate alternator problems are “ALT” lights, a dimming or fluctuation of the lights, the sight, sound and smell of the engine, a dead battery and loose connections in wiring.

Transmission Slipping

The transmission slipping can be caused by different transmission malfunctions among which we should mention the malfunctioning of the torque converter, the low fluid level and the worn bands and gears.