Reasons to invest in vehicle wrapping

Even though vehicle wrapping has been used for many years now, lately many business owners have considered investing in this type of marketing, because of the many benefits that it brings to the table. Companies such as offer professional vehicle wrapping services at some of the best rates on the market, so if you are still considering whether or not to wrap your fleet in graphic advertisements, these are the main benefits offered by it:

Cost effective

Vehicle advertising is actually one of the most cost effective methods that companies can use to reach their target audience. Considering that UK drivers spend about 1 month of the year behind the wheel according to the UK government, this makes vehicle advertising a sure investment. In fact, compared to radio advertising which can cost about £1.3 per 100 listeners, the costs of vehicle advertising can be as low as 4p per 100 viewers, making the price difference considerable. In addition, a well-applied wrap can last for years, compared to a radio campaign which is extremely limited.


Just because it is cheap, it does not mean that it is not efficient as well. In fact, most drivers stated that they do in fact read vehicle advertisements and that they write down the contact numbers in case they see something that interests them. Whether it is the number of a cleaning service, a new pizza shop or something else, when you are stuck in traffic it is impossible to ignore the advertisement on the car in front of you.

Protects the paintwork of the vehicle

Vehicle wrapping can actually protect the paintwork of a car, which can be very important if you may be planning to sell it in a few years. Unlike common beliefs that these stickers will ruin the paintwork of the car, it can have the exact effect, because this layer of plastic will prevent the paint from being scratched by minor abrasions and stone chips. Furthermore, the fact that the paint will be perfectly preserved means that the vehicle will be worth more when you decide to sell it, which is also something to consider.

How easy can it be removed?

It mainly depends on the quality of the vinyl that is placed on the car. Naturally, high quality wrappings will be easier to remove and will not leave any traces on the car. It is always best to invest in high quality products, even though you will have to pay slightly more. However, on the one hand the quality of the advertisement will be much better and thus people will be more tempted to call the number available there and on the other hand, it will be easier to remove and thus it will not leave any traces on your car in case you want to place a different advertisement or sell the car altogether. Be sure to ask your service provide about this aspect, because they will offer you useful advice on how to maintain the vinyl or remove it if need be.