Range Rover – a top option for sport cars buyers

Choosing a sport car is nothing like choosing a family vehicle. When searching a family car, you probably think about a reliable model, extremely comfortable and with a low level of consumption.  However, things are slightly different when it comes to purchasing a sport car: you probably want a solid automobile, able to satisfy your need of adrenaline and thrill. Fortunately, the automotive industry has created a wide selection of sport vehicles, ranging from coupes and sedans to hatchbacks or roadsters.  In addition to this, what is actually impressive is that they merely have a rough appearance or sporty styling, in spite of their great features. A relevant example is the 2017 Range Rover sport. Although there are plenty of manufacturers improving their cars constantly, it is well known that Range Rover is literally a top choice for those who are looking for the perfect vehicle. But what makes the brand such a popular option among buyers? Read on to find out.


Resistance and security

As soon as you get inside a Range Rover, you immediately start feeling safer. The imposing appearance of this vehicle will give you the impression that you can conquer any road, but be careful, because the car is far from being easy to drive. This is particularly due to its dimensions: while it is extremely stable, it is also quite big, unlike the city cars you are probably used to. Since it has been developed alongside the new generation, Range Rover Sport has amazing on-road dynamics and incredible all-terrain capability. The car uses an improved platform, which features a lightweight yet strong aluminum structure, which is aimed to make the driver and the passengers feel safe yet comfortable.


Great technical features

The new technical features have been improved as compared with previous model, in order to provide drivers with a more intense experience. Besides the LR-TDV6 3.0 liter Diesel engine, the 6 cylinders and the economic fuel consumption, the car has many other special features. For instance, it can be drive under water, while the water level reaches the top of its wheels – this is extremely useful for those who are passionate about rough roads.


Smooth design

Given the fact that manufacturers are striving to improve also the appearance of their cars, the new Range Rover Sport is a perfect merger between style, power and reliability. The exterior is quite neat, drawing attention through its clear lines and simple features. The car has acoustic laminated windscreen, rain sensing windscreen wipers, rear wash wiper, follow-me-home lightening and heated off screen wiper park position. As a matter of fact, as far as design and features are concerned, the new Range Rover Sport strongly competes with models from Mercedes or Porsche.


As you can see, there are only some of the characteristics that make Range Rover a favorite of car shoppers and off-roads enthusiasts. Furthermore, taking into consideration its family-friendly features and its comfortable interior, parents will also find the Range Rover Sport a reliable alternative.