New Audi A3 hatchback review

Audi has done it again.
Since 1909 the German motoring giant has led the way in producing desirable vehicles with a superior build quality and an unrivalled pinch of sexiness.
The new Audi A3 hatchback is no different.
For years the A3 has been thought of as the hatchback of choice for particularly stylish buyers, a point not lost on Audi’s rivals at Mercedes and BMW who produced their A-Class and 1 Series in response, but Audi’s latest hatchback has moved the goalposts once more.

Although the new design is fairly inconspicuous – one may be hard pressed to tell an A3 from an A6 or A4 – it is the engine improvements and ride comfort that really sets this model apart from its peers.

The A3 offers outstanding performance on the road, especially on meandering B-roads, with the car performing admirably thanks to its grip levels, whilst the absence of a body lean when cornering is another pleasing aspect.
Engine wise, the Audi A3 offers three reworked engines: a 1.4-litre TFSI, the 1.8-litre TFSI and a 2.0-litre TDI. The 1.4 litre produces 121bhp, gets from zero to 62mph in 9.3 seconds and has a top speed of 126mph. Overtaking on country roads may cause a problem, but it’s the perfect motorway car.

On the other hand, the 1.8-litre version races up to 62mph in just 7.2 seconds with a top speed of 144mph. The 2.0-litre diesel is pretty quick off the mark, too, with a top speed of 134mph and a zero to 62mph speed of 8.6 seconds. Crucially, it offers 320Nm of pulling power, which makes overtaking less of a life or death experience.
All the engines offered by Audi come with a six-speed manual gearbox, apart from the 1.8 TFSI that is kitted out with the seven-speed S Tronic semi-automatic gearbox.

Inside the A3, leg room for passengers has been increased as the wheelbase has been extended by 23mm. Overall, the car feels much roomier than previous generations and the chrome finish gives the cabin added style.
Out on the road, the comfort levels are high, and the car, unlike previous Audi’s that were criticised for the firmness of their ride, glides over all surfaces. As always, driving on a motorway is a pleasure in an Audi as the noise inside the cabin is minimal due to the insulation quality.
So, should you buy one? The simple answer is yes.

Base models of the A3 start at around £18,000, but that can rise sharply based on the trim level you opt for and the added extras you’ll inevitably have to have.

How Differentials Work

The mechanisms that are used in order for the vehicles to work in a proper manner are fascinating for most people. Although they may seem quite complicated if you break them up in sections they are a lot easier to understand as they are based on the basic principles of physics. Today we are going to discuss the characteristics of a differential as well as the way it work. If you are interested in knowing how differentials work, read the following lines. We hope that you will find this information useful.

In order to understand how differentials work picture a car running in a circle. The outside wheels spin faster than the ones on the inside because they have to travel a greater distance in the same period of time as the inside ones. In order to understand this concept you can analyze a basic wagon. Since the wheels can move freely, they all travel at different speeds in order to cover the necessary distance. When the automobile industry started to develop, the wheel system was pretty rudimentary. Only one wheel was connected to the engine and the rear wheels turned separately. Due to the fact that only one wheel was receiving the engine power the road traction was very weak. In order to solve this problem the rear wheels needed to be connected together while in the same time maintain their ability to move at different speeds.

The differential was created in order to solve the problem of the wheel connections. It is based on a simple principle that uses a device in order to move the wheels at the same speed when the car is traveling in a straight line but also allows them to move at different speeds when the car is making a turn. This is a simple explanation of why a car needs a differential. However the differentials used in modern cars serve various purposes: they aim the power generated by the engine towards the wheels, they slow the transmission’s rotation speeds before it reaches the wheels and they allow the wheels to spin at different speeds. Cars have one differential between the front wheels, one between the rear wheels and one in the center between the front and rear wheels.

In order to understand how differentials work you should use a sketch of the gears and pinions system. This system contains a crown wheel, a half shaft, a sun gear, a planet pinion, a driving pinion and a transmission shaft. When the car is traveling on a straight line the transmission shaft makes the crown wheel turn thus translating the rotating motion the half shafts. In this scenario the planet pinions don’t spin. However when a car is making a turn, the planet pinions spin accordingly to the crown wheel while in the same time turning the sun gears. This motion delivers an uneven distribution of speed to the wheels.

How Gear Ratios Work

A lot of the technological equipment that we use today contains gears. Furthermore their use has been noticed a long time ago as they are the foundation of various mechanical systems. In order to understand how gear ratios work the best thing to do is analyze the internal mechanisms of a car. The most important gears in a vehicle are the ones in the transmission and the ones used in the rear axle in order to reduce the gear power.

A gear system works by connecting a drive gear to a driven one. The drive gear is the one that supplies the power and inflicts the rotation motion to the other gear. The power is transmitted through direct contact as the gears are connected by their teeth. This is the easiest way to understand how gear ratios work. Connect a gear to another one that is twice as big. As the big gear makes a full rotation the smaller one will make two. This means that the small gear turns twice as fast as the big one and the gear ratio is 2 to 1. This process is used in order to amplify torque, which is the rotation force.

The gear ratio is used in a car’s transmission in order to increase acceleration. As the car’s speed increases, it requires less torque meaning that the first gear suffers a gear reduction which gets smaller as the car accelerates. The smaller the ratio is the greater the top speed is. On the other hand a small ratio also comes with a low speed acceleration.

In order to understand how gear ratios work within a transmission you should construct a basic sketch of the gears. You have a big gear with inside teeth. Withing it you have a smaller gear which inflicts the spinning power. Between the large outer gear and the small inner get you also have three medium sized gears. All the gears are connected with each other and move at various speeds depending on their size. This system is called a planetary gear and it is used for reverse.

Depending on the kind of transmission that the car uses, the gears are arranged in certain designs that also contain conical gears, pinion gears, ring gears and so on. In order to determine a car’s gear ratio you count the number of teeth of both the smaller pinion and the larger ring gear. You divide the large gear’s number of teeth by the small pinion’s number of teeth. The result represents the number of times that a driver gear rotates while the large gear makes a single rotation. It is believed that the perfect ratio is 3.73. This ratio offers optimal top speed acceleration without having the car struggle with a low speed acceleration.

How CVTs Work

The sophisticated mechanisms that help a car run smoothly have always been an important element in a car’s description. A transmission is a mechanism that allows a power source to send power to a drive mechanism. This means that the power generated by the engine is transformed into torque. Torque is the force that is applied to rotating items. In a car, a transmission converts the speed of an engine into torque. There are various types of transmissions and each have their pros and cons. Today we are going to explain how CVTs work.

CVT is the abbreviation for a continuously variable transmission. This is the oldest type of transmission. The concept was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci over 500 years ago. One might think that by now it would have been replaced by newer technologies. However the inner workings of this system are so well thought that they can even be applied to modern cars. Over the years the transmission has suffered some transformations and improvements but the basic principle remained the same.

If you want to understand how CVTs work the best thing is to do is to analyze them in comparison with the automatic versions. An automatic transmission has actual gears that change the speed ratio between the engine and the wheels. The planetary gears are combined together in order to create the proper gear ratio. On the other hand a continuously variable transmission doesn’t use a gear system. Instead it can can be based on pulleys, it can be toroidal or hydrostatic.

A pulley system is the most encountered type of CTV. It allows infinite variability between the extreme ratios that don’t have discrete steps. You will notice that despite the fact that none of the continuously variable system use gears, the word is still used in their description in order to refer to the ratio of the shaft to drive shaft speed. The pulleys have different diameters and have a metal belt running between them. The input shaft is represented by the pulley connected to the engine while the output shaft is the pulley connected to the drive wheel. The pulleys have moveable halves. As the halves come together the belt rides higher thus increasing the pulley’s diameter which varies the ratio. When the input pulley is small and the output one is enlarged a low ratio is created which is optimal for low-speed acceleration.

In order to better understand how CVTs work you need to think in terms ratio variability. Both conventional transmissions( manual or automatic) focus on lowering the engine speed as the speed of the car increases. However a continuously variable transmission doesn’t change the ratio in stages but it varies it continuously.

NASCAR Betting

The sport of NASCAR racing was formed in 1974 by Bill France. In the almost 40 years since its creation, the sport has taken off and gained quite a following not only in the United States but in many foreign countries as well. As part of most sports, there are also many sports bets that are placed on NASCAR. Given the nature of the sport, the types of bets are bit different than in other sports where there are just two options for winners.

While it is perfectly acceptable to bet on which driver will win the race out of over 40 other drivers, another kind of bet can be placed which has a better chance of winning. This is known as a match-up bet. Rather than focus on all 40 plus drivers, the sportsbook will select two drivers for each match-up bet. The bettor must decide of the two drivers, which one will place higher at the conclusion of the race. The beauty of this bet is that it doesn’t matter if a driver finishes in 30th place, so long as it is higher than the other driver in the match-up. When sportsbooks report the odds with this bet they use moneylines.

Usually when making a sports bet, there is a gap in time until one knows the results. To pass the time, consider playing a motor bike themed slot machine game or pokies; (for Australian players) at a casino. The five reeled Motor Slot Speed Machine is one choice. The symbols in this game include a scatter symbol which is the speed meter. The jackpot symbol is the flag symbol. Obtaining five of these will award the 5000 coin jackpot. The other symbols found on the reels of the Motor Slot Speed Machine include a traffic signal, hand gloves, road divider, petrol pump, a tire and a motor biking jacket.

CAP Projects Tough Times For Used Car Sales

Used car values could be set to come under renewed pressure, after a study by CAP Black Book revealed competition from new models would force values to depreciate.

Stronger sales in the daily car rental sector will combine with ever cheaper new models to keep used car values low, according to the study featured in MotorTrader.

After a period of several years of strong sales, particularly in one and three-year-old used models, analysts are now suggesting prices could be on the brink of a marked decline.

The US used car market is worth $370bn annually, accounting for over 50% of spend in the industry according a leading company that provides services for used car dealerships. But with manufacturing efficiencies driving the cost of new cars down, there is some concern that used cars will begin to seem like a less attractive option.

Used cars are statistically more likely to break down. Because they are older than new cars by definition, used car buyers tend to experience more maintenance issues – along with the associated costs. Their traditional strength was the fact they were cheaper, and many buyers chose this trade-off to save money on their car.

But new manufacturing techniques and industry innovations are converging. New car manufacturing is not as labour or as cost intensive as was once the case.

Advanced manufacturing allows for more efficient production. While the processes are more specialized, cutting edge machinery allows for cost savings to be made at the production stage.

As a result, new cars are becoming cheaper, making the market much more competitive. For some in the used car industry, these are concerning times.

A glut of fresh used cars of just one year old has done the market no favours. Those looking to sell second-hand now face an uphill struggle to catch the attention of buyers. With better offers elsewhere, sellers will have no choice but to drop their prices if they want to find a willing buyer.

And with these trends projected to continue over the coming decade, CAP are not alone in their assessment of the quandary of the used car market. Others in the industry are now pointing to increasing affordability of new cars.

Team Nissan North, an authorized Nissan dealership, said that increasing competitiveness of new cars meant more buyers were able to afford brand new models. “Many customers in the used car demographic are now eyeing up better offers in new cars. With manufacturing costs constantly being forced downwards, there’s never been a cheaper time to buy new.”

But for those selling second-hand, this might not be such good news. Derren Martin, editor at Black Book Live, said that the market would retain its integrity but see a steady decline in the prices it supports.

“Values may well drop for the reasons we have identified, but they have not done so for some time. Depreciation is a fact of life and we should not be too downbeat that it is happening again.”

There are almost 50 million used cars sold in the United States each year, still outnumbering new cars sold by almost 3 to 1.

With excess supply and the affordability of new cars at it’s greatest ever level, it looks a certainty that this balance will shift in the years to come.

Choosing Between a Used or Salvaged Car

Buying a car can be a hassle. Between spending hours at dealerships, waiting hours to meet with private sellers, and shelling out some serious cash, it’s obvious why many people hate the car buying process. On top of all of that, you just decide whether or not you want to buy used or new.

In most cases, buying new should be out of the question, as purchasing a new vehicle is one of the worst financial decisions you can make. Instead, you should be considering purchasing your next vehicle as either a used car or a salvaged car. Going this route will save you thousands and thousands of dollars, and you’ll have a bigger selection to choose from. If you’re in the market for a vehicle, check out this article for the benefits of buying either a salvaged or a used car.


Price is the main reason to choose a used or salvaged car, as the price will be at least hundreds, and likely thousands of dollars cheaper than a new car. As soon as you drive a new car off the lot it begins depreciating in value, and used or salvaged cars already are accounting for that huge depreciation. Choosing between a used or salvaged car is going to be a bit difficult, though.

If you go with a used car, the car will likely run just fine (as long as you get a pre purchase inspection) and you won’t have to do any maintenance to it for a while. A salvaged car, on the other hand, will likely be significantly cheaper than a non-salvaged used vehicle, but it also might require significant maintenance before it is ready to be driven. You should try and calculate the cost differential between buying salvaged and repairing compared to buying used so you can see which is a better deal for you.


When you go either used or salvaged, you’ll no doubt find a better selection than if you would’ve purchased a new car. There are thousands and thousands of used and salvage cars for sale across the country, and if you choose one you can get it shipped to you for much cheaper than a new car would’ve been. Since you’ll be able to go back quite a few model years, you’ll be able to find a car with all the features you want for the price that you want.

If you go to the auto auction, you might be able to find an incredible deal on the car that you’ve been eyeing. If you find a salvaged car at the auction, it might even be thousands of dollars cheaper than a used car.


The only downside of choosing a salvaged car is that it likely won’t have a warranty on it. If you get it repaired you’ll probably be able to purchase a warranty for some of the repairs that were done, but it won’t come with a standard warranty like some used cars do.

Some used cars have very appealing warranties that are in some cases better than new car warranties.

Full-Electric Cars vs. Most Powerful Cars

These days, many of us are interested in making the right choice, when selecting for a car, which is why in what follows we will present you a few important facts regarding the full-electric cars and the most powerful cars various brands have launched on market. You probably know that lately, people seem to be more interested than ever in protecting the environment and reducing pollution as much as possible. Statistics and official reports have shown that nowadays’ top polluters are coal-burning industries and the billions of highly-polluting cars that are based on carbon emissions.Thus, there is an increasing interest in car design news for alternative fuels, or with reduced consumption or emissions.

Today, many brands are committed to giving people green alternatives to traditional diesel or petrol cars which are responsible with polluting the environment. The solution these car manufacturers have come up with refers to full-electric cars that are fuel-efficient and eco-friendly cars. Luckily, more and more brands seem to be willing to support this worthy cause and join other manufacturers in producing hybrid or full-electric cars, which are considered to replace the high-polluting vehicles in the near future. If you want to find out more about the most representative electric-cars which have been unveiled to the public, you should take a few minutes in browsing the Internet and search for names of cars like the Ford Focus Electric, Testla Model S or Tesla Roadster, Toyota RAV4 EV, Coda, BYD e6, Volvo C30 DRVe, Mitshubishi I MiEV, and many more.

But, an important aspect you need to know about these cars that cut carbon emissions and protect the environment is that they can not compete in speed with the most powerful cars existing on market. Electric cars are not super-cars, which is why they can not reach the same top track speeds like the petrol or diesel cars. However, buying one of the most powerful cars won’t help you support the worthy cause of protecting the green, yet it will give you more adrenaline and thrilling experience, when running your car at full speed on the roads. Anyway, if you like to get your adrenaline pumped up each time you push the accelerator pedal of your powerful car, you might also need to consider selecting among the instant life insurance quotes available online. It is obvious that with a full-electric car which can reach a top track speed of 60, 80 or 130 km per hour, you have fewer chances to run into problems. These car design news will be overcome in the future however, when the technology is perfected and when producing such cars won’t be as expensive anymore.

Nonetheless, adrenaline enthusiasts seem to prefer top speed cars which can deliver driver satisfaction like no other, due to increased horsepower and high performance of diesel engines. If you peek at the technical specifications of a super-car like the Ferrari 599 GTB model, you will surely understand the difference powerful cars are about, comparing them to electric cars.

Getting the Best Deal on a Used Car

Getting the Best Deal on a Used Car

Searching for a used car is a serious process. It can takes days, weeks, or even months, to find the right car at the right price. For many people it’s too stressful to handle, which results in putting it off until the wrong time.

Fortunately, buying a used car doesn’t have to be a stressful experience at all. It’s easy to get a good deal on a quality used car that will leave you satisfied and happy all around. Check out these tips on how to get a great deal on a used car, and be happy with your new ride!

Expand Your Search

A majority of people in the used car market only search locally, typically within 50 or so miles. Expanding that search to a few hundred miles means you have a much greater chance of finding a great car at a great price. The more inventory you search, the better chance you have at being successful. And since all the inventory is available for you to view online, you don’t have to drive all day just to see a used car lot’s selection.

While it may seem ambitious, even expanding your used car search nationwide might end up saving you money on your purchase. If you’re looking for a van, GMC Conversion Vans ships their vans nationwide, meaning you can buy a car from a dealership in Ohio and have it delivered to your driveway in California. Expanding your search means greater inventory, meaning you’ll likely find a better deal.

Wait Until a Holiday Weekend

Holiday weekends are a hot bed for car sales. Dealerships mark cars down dramatically on holiday weekends, meaning usually it’s the best time to buy a car. And since they know so many cars are going to be sold, they will typically replenish their inventory a few weeks before the sales. Checking out dealerships during Memorial Day weekend, President’s Day weekend, and the 4th of July weekend will surely result in finding a great deal.

One thing to consider is that most dealerships offer their holiday weekend specials starting the week before the actual holiday. That means you’ll get the same deal you would on the weekend, but there will be a ton of more inventory for you to choose from. You’ll also avoid the long waits that occur during those holiday weekends, since everybody is buying a car.

Budget Before

To make sure you don’t go over budget when purchasing a used car, make sure you budget before. If you’re buying from a dealership and financing your car, see if you can get pre-approved financing from an outside bank as you’ll likely get a better interest rate when compared to financing through the dealership. More than that, alternative loans like home equity loans and lines of credit can, according to the loan experts at BB&T, “be repaid over a longer term.”

Even if the dealership is offering a great rate (even better than your outside bank’s) you still likely will be getting a better deal if you use outside financing. That’s because if you go with 0% financing you’re likely giving up other incentives.

Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition and SLK Grand Edition

Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition and SLK Grand Edition are famous for its new coverage that replaces silver with another material adequate to the new requirements from the market. These two high-class cars are a lot above the common car style, due to the new themes incorporated and as a result of the masterpiece they look like.

We suggest you to start with the first model, which is 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition. Some of the main characteristics of this new “must-have” are including a 19-inch AMG alloys, with a glossy finish of two colors and the calipers for the brakes have a color that reflects silver tones.

That is enough for the exterior, because as you get to see this car, all details will become irrelevant compared to the feeling you get once you have it in front of your eyes! The amazing effect will increase as you get into the inside of Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition. It is covered with leather and has a chrome trim, the seats will definitely catch your eyes with their asymmetric features and they wheel is sports-inspired.

The aircraft system and all the other details are attentively created so that you can hardly take your eyes off this masterpiece! Moreover, the other car launched by Mercedes-Benz meets the same high standards!

The SLK Grand Edition has some great 18-inch wheels made from allay, colored headlamps and a special light for brake, plus a special design! The theme from the inside is based on grey and just like the former car, it is covered with leather. You will absolutely love the glove box with its representative logo. It is inspired from Grand Edition and adds value to this elegant and wealthy car.

For those of you who already considered buying either Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition or SLK Grand Edition, the prices you have to pay for each one of them, vary between 2,300 Euros and 3,700 Euros, in Germany. It appears that the producers are not very interested in opening stores in the United States of America as well, so if you are from Europe and have already made a decision, hurry up!

The fact that these two models are only available in Europe, particularly in Germany should inspire you to buy them as soon as you have the necessary amount of money. After all, the price is quite small compared to the benefits you get while driving or being driven in a Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition and a SLK Grand Edition!

Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition and SLK Grand Edition Pictures Gallery

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo is one of cars that can hardly be looked at with indifference, mainly because of its asymmetrical appearance and highly developed technology. It combines a powerful engine with an efficient dashboard, in an uncommon case. In this way you come to feel more like a superstar and less like an unknown character.

There is one disadvantage that will make you love 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo less and it refers to the manual transmission. If you are not attentive enough, you may risk to remain stuck into the car! It happened to some potential customers and critics when they tested it!

Many critics have expressed their appreciation towards this car, as it combines performance and technology with fashion. Now, as far as the famous asymmetrical look is concerned, you should start finding out that according to the angle of which you look at the hatchback, it can have either three or five doors. The paradox is that no angle reflects the reality, as it has a different type of hatchbacks. Thus, it has only one door for the driver, two for the passenger and there is another one right back.

You may also happen to be interested in the doors of 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo and you surely have all the reasons to use them! We are glad to inform you that the asymmetrical look comes up with a wide range of advantages. The first one is that if you want to come into the car and you are placed next to the passenger side, then it will be easy for you to get into the car, due to the fact the door for the passenger side is not as big as the drivers’.

Also, there are other two doors that have smaller dimensions that allow you to park your car almost everywhere, without worrying about space restrictions and the how will the doors swing. It may sound unappealing at first, but you only come to understand its benefits when you are put into a situation like this.

Dare to drive such a fabulous car and get out the crowd! 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo has been created for people with personality, high aspirations and ready to change the world they live in! Be one of them and get ready to combine glamour, creativity, asymmetry and efficiency, in a car that will catch everyone’s attention within a few seconds!

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Pictures Gallery

2013 Nissan 370Z Coupe

2013 Nissan 370Z Coupe is no longer as precious as it used to be long ago, but it still keeps its style, design and elegance high above other cars. As the public of consumers gets larger and larger, the procedures used to establish new standards fit quite well (or not) to the new perspectives.

This new car comes up with a new design, particularly reflected on the interior. The so-called “fangs” of 2013 Nissan 370Z Coupe are now placed on the outside, right on the bumper. LED daytime, as well as the reflector colored in red that was placed instead of the plastic for the fog lamp are just two of the elements that will increase your interest and attention towards this new car.

You, as a customer, will be offered the chance to enjoy this new car only in June 2013, when it will be available on the market. It will be on sale in two different versions, Magma Red and Midnight Blue, both for women and man. With a coupe of 18-inch wheels and a sport package option, this car will make you feel proud of owing it. Add to these elements the red brakes and the rims and start dreaming that you are a superstar!

Drivers have at their disposition several options to choose from, starting with 332-hp roadsters, 3.7 liter V-6 and not less than six options for speed. Add to all these details the seven transmissions and the Touring model for the manual one. However, critics do not show too much appreciation towards 2013 Nissan 370Z Coupe, as they were expecting to a better and a more visible update!

We invite you to take a look over the elements that did not meet their requirements so far! For the very beginning, there was a misunderstanding while testing the latest 370Zs. The skipad result of 0.96 g that used to be representative for the Z during the under $40,000 car test, no longer shows the same figures. The level of handling has somehow decreased and the same happened to the slalom velocity and the breaking distance.

All these elements placed 2013 Nissan 370Z Coupe on a lower level on the market of cars and the fact that it basically came up with a new look was not enough to satisfy the expectations of the customers worldwide. At least, they were looking for a progress, rather than a new design of the car.

2013 Nissan 370Z Coupe Pictures Gallery

2013 Jaguar XK

2013 Jaguar XK is the latest release of Jaguar, but there are other successors to be launched. Unfortunately, there are some financial problems within, but as soon as the famous brand recovers from this state, things will definitely get better.

This new car is simply fabulous, gorgeous not only on the inside, but also outside. If you are a little more patient you will be lucky to enjoy the new prototype of a higher standards, right in 2013. There will be several differences between these two cars, but they will focus more on the camouflage rather than on the technology.

However, it is said that 2013 Jaguar XK will be even more precious than its successor, as it comes up with new head and lights for the tail and the bumper looks a lot better! It combines aggression with style and the same update applies for the dash as well.

The new model will be adapted to the new regulations for emissions, while coming up with a better power and as soon as there will appear any extra data about its details, you will be kept into charge.

As far as the exterior is concerned, 2013 Jaguar XK can be easily recognized for its print and its 19-inch Tamana at the wheels. The body of the car is made from aluminum and LED taillights are included in the structure of this car too. You may happen to be attracted by its headlights made from xenon and its automatic function HID.

The model also includes wipers for rain, so that you do not have to worry for anything related to weather forecasts or harsh weather conditions.

If you want to take a look on the interior and get a general view, we are glad to inform you that it is covered with leather and door panels. Headliners and front seats that can be modified according to your needs for heating, combined with the exterior mirror or the options for the driver’s seat will surely catch your eye.

2013 Jaguar XK is an attractive investment by definition and there is no doubt that once you bought it, its value will start increasing for your soul and well-being. It brings together elegance, power and wealth in an updated version of a famous brand. Of all the Jaguar cars, this one promises to surprise everyone, even by its superiority above its already scheduled successors!

2013 Jaguar XK Pictures Gallery

Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style

Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style has opened a new path for Mercedes-Benz, which announces a new series of cars in the future. These all are built following a common platform, known under the name of MFA, Mercedes Front-Drive Architecture. This is thought to be the model that will end up forever the old B-class, allowing sedan and hatchback to take its place.

The photos may confuse you, as they can show a greater Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style that it actually is in real life, but this is why going to a Mercedes-Benz showroom will prove to be a smart choice! Unfortunately, you will have to wait until it appears in stores, because within one year and a half this new model is said to appear in the United States.

Some critics hurry up to say that Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style is actually copied after the ideas of several carmakers, with some influences from SLS And BMW. However, this is an adventure car that will offer you some unbelievable feelings while driving it or being a passenger!

As far as the mechanical aspects are concerned, this car is based on fuel-cell and plug-in hybrid movement. But let’s understand how this hybrid locomotion functions. There is an injection, that combines 300-hp V-6 gas engine and the 109-hp electric motor. You can find it the transmission case of seven options for speed and a 10-kWh battery with lithium-ion.

Basically, when you add some new elements to the engine, that differ from an electric engine, the hybrid locomotion will not be ready to act. In this case, producers of Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style are glad to announce the horsepower used for this new model.

It is important to know that the powertrain of this innovative car has a strong connection to the new S500 model and it is said that the limit of the battery is 75 mph. These numbers lead us to the idea that even if electricity is available for an 18 miles distance, the car will surely resist!

You even have a special system that shows you a map with the path you are following. Thus, you know where have you been and which direction you are heading to, so that if there appear any problems along the road, you can notice where you made a mistake.

This map also shows you which are the places in which you are allowed to drive using the power of the battery, because it appears that not all the countries agree with the hybrid issue!

Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style Pictures Gallery

Torque Converter

If we should give a definition to the torque converter we should say it is generally a type of hydrodynamic fluid coupling which is used to transfer rotating power from a prime mover, such as internal combustion engine or electric motor, to a rotating driven load.

This component is one of the least understood elements in an automatic equipped car.

You should know this component has a few different functions.


So, the first thing you should know is that there is no direct link between the crankshaft and the transmission input shaft. This means that the first function of the converter is to connect the crankshaft and the input shaft so the engine can move the car. This thing is accomplished through making use of a fluidic coupling effect.

The converter also replaces the clutch which is required in a manual transmission. And this is how an automatic transmission vehicle can come to a stop while still being in gear. This converter also acts like a torque multiplier or extra gear ratio to help the car moving from a stop.

Basically, a torque converter is made of four major components that have an important role in making the converter work. The first component is called the impeller or pump. This component is connected directly to the inside of the converter housing and it is turning anytime that the engine rotates. The next component is the turbine which is also the output or driven member. The transmission’s input shaft is splined to it. The turbine is not connected to the converter housing and it can rotate completely independently of it. Another component is the stator assembly. Its function is to redirect the flow of fluid between the impeller and the turbine, which gives the torque multiplication effect from a standstill. The final component is the lock up clutch. At highway speeds this clutch can be applied and it will ensure a direct mechanical connection between the crankshaft and the input shaft, which will result in an optimal efficiency between the engine and the transmission. The application of this clutch is basically controlled by the vehicle’s computer activating a solenoid in the transmission.

So, what we should consider regarding the torque converter is that it has the ability to multiply torque when there is a substantial difference between input and output rotational speed, thus providing the equivalent of a reduction gear. Some of these devices are equipped with a temporary locking mechanism which rigidly binds the engine to the transmission when their speeds are nearly equal, and thus avoid slippage and a resulting loss of efficiency.