Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition and SLK Grand Edition

Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition and SLK Grand Edition are famous for its new coverage that replaces silver with another material adequate to the new requirements from the market. These two high-class cars are a lot above the common car style, due to the new themes incorporated and as a result of the masterpiece they look like.

We suggest you to start with the first model, which is 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition. Some of the main characteristics of this new “must-have” are including a 19-inch AMG alloys, with a glossy finish of two colors and the calipers for the brakes have a color that reflects silver tones.

That is enough for the exterior, because as you get to see this car, all details will become irrelevant compared to the feeling you get once you have it in front of your eyes! The amazing effect will increase as you get into the inside of Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition. It is covered with leather and has a chrome trim, the seats will definitely catch your eyes with their asymmetric features and they wheel is sports-inspired.

The aircraft system and all the other details are attentively created so that you can hardly take your eyes off this masterpiece! Moreover, the other car launched by Mercedes-Benz meets the same high standards!

The SLK Grand Edition has some great 18-inch wheels made from allay, colored headlamps and a special light for brake, plus a special design! The theme from the inside is based on grey and just like the former car, it is covered with leather. You will absolutely love the glove box with its representative logo. It is inspired from Grand Edition and adds value to this elegant and wealthy car.

For those of you who already considered buying either Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition or SLK Grand Edition, the prices you have to pay for each one of them, vary between 2,300 Euros and 3,700 Euros, in Germany. It appears that the producers are not very interested in opening stores in the United States of America as well, so if you are from Europe and have already made a decision, hurry up!

The fact that these two models are only available in Europe, particularly in Germany should inspire you to buy them as soon as you have the necessary amount of money. After all, the price is quite small compared to the benefits you get while driving or being driven in a Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition and a SLK Grand Edition!

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