Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style

Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style has opened a new path for Mercedes-Benz, which announces a new series of cars in the future. These all are built following a common platform, known under the name of MFA, Mercedes Front-Drive Architecture. This is thought to be the model that will end up forever the old B-class, allowing sedan and hatchback to take its place.

The photos may confuse you, as they can show a greater Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style that it actually is in real life, but this is why going to a Mercedes-Benz showroom will prove to be a smart choice! Unfortunately, you will have to wait until it appears in stores, because within one year and a half this new model is said to appear in the United States.

Some critics hurry up to say that Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style is actually copied after the ideas of several carmakers, with some influences from SLS And BMW. However, this is an adventure car that will offer you some unbelievable feelings while driving it or being a passenger!

As far as the mechanical aspects are concerned, this car is based on fuel-cell and plug-in hybrid movement. But let’s understand how this hybrid locomotion functions. There is an injection, that combines 300-hp V-6 gas engine and the 109-hp electric motor. You can find it the transmission case of seven options for speed and a 10-kWh battery with lithium-ion.

Basically, when you add some new elements to the engine, that differ from an electric engine, the hybrid locomotion will not be ready to act. In this case, producers of Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style are glad to announce the horsepower used for this new model.

It is important to know that the powertrain of this innovative car has a strong connection to the new S500 model and it is said that the limit of the battery is 75 mph. These numbers lead us to the idea that even if electricity is available for an 18 miles distance, the car will surely resist!

You even have a special system that shows you a map with the path you are following. Thus, you know where have you been and which direction you are heading to, so that if there appear any problems along the road, you can notice where you made a mistake.

This map also shows you which are the places in which you are allowed to drive using the power of the battery, because it appears that not all the countries agree with the hybrid issue!

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