Innovations that could transform driving – the roads are now a safer place


Many people consider driving an unsafe activity that puts their lives at risk. Actually, this opinion is formed because of the lack of safety measurements on the road. Given the fact that people drive freely on roads, some of them not respecting rules and disregarding accident prevention methods, the fear of people is quite normal. If everyone would respect rules, if all bikers would wear road safety reflective badges and if the roads would be properly equipped with safety measurements, driving would be perceived in a completely different way. This article desires to present some of the innovations that could change your perspective on driving. Here is the extensive list:

Smart highways and solar roadways

Since electric and hybrid cars are popular nowadays, people thought about a method to avoid unpleasant traffic situations such as a drained battery in the middle of a trip. This method involves building roadways that are fully powered by solar light. There are so many benefits to this idea, in the sense that it keeps drivers safe by offering them unlimited power for their hybrid/fully electric cars, it encourages people to switch regular cars on electric cars and it also helps the environment tremendously. Charging an electric car can last a while and it also consumes enough energy to feel it when paying the bill at the end of the month. If charging your car using solar power only, you are walking towards smarter mobility and a greener life.

Smart highways improve safety on wheels, as these roads are luminescent, and the lanes are easier to follow. The fact that the roads are conveniently lighted up, without distracting the driver, helps people remain focused on driving and offers them an enhanced visibility on the roads. Many people are struggling with keeping their lanes because they are not properly signaled. The fact that people came with this idea can change the way drivers perceive long routes. That combined with finding a good reflective badge manufacturer could revolutionize road safety entirely. People underestimate the power of small changes.

V2V and AR

Talking about more serious topics, road safety can be changed by technology in its purest form. Car manufacturers started to develop various concepts for improving changing vehicle safety. V2V technology, which means vehicle-to-vehicle, refers to a type of technology that allows cars to communicate with each other while on the roads. This could prevent a lot of accidents that have to do with the lack of attention of the drivers. Self-driving cars are no longer a dream. They exist, and they are under development for years now. Soon, people with witness the utility of self-driving cars and V2V technology in everyday life.

The same goes with Augmented Reality Dashboards that could reduce mortality rates dramatically. Drivers are often involved in car accidents because they take their eyes off the windshield. This will no longer be an issue with the apparition of AR panels which show all the information you need right in front of you.