Smoke smell in our cars is one of the most common issues mainly nowadays when a lot of people are smoking. All of these smells enter in all corners of our cars, in the upholstery, seats, carpet and so on. Besides that the odor is bothering, it also represents a noxious feature for our health because we breathe it every time we are in the car. It is very hard to remove smoke odors from an indoor space because all its particles have entered everywhere. But what can we do to prevent this thing happen, should we call a specialist? We come to your attention with some tips that may help you to get rid of the bothering smell of smoke just using common products.

Cleaning and vacuuming

Firstly, you certainly have to start with cleaning and vacuuming the car. Start with the carpets and then, the upholstery and seats. Open the windows to get some fresh air. Also, clean the ashtray of the car and put in the car an air freshener because it will offer a good smell and atmosphere. After you finish all these things, turn on the heater and let the air flow for a couple of minutes. If you think your car needs more than all these things, you can replace the air filter. Moreover, you can insert a plug-in air purifier ionizer because it is the perfect device for a small place and it removes smoke odors, dust, and bacteria immediately. It will provide your car a healthier and cleaner air.

Coffee in our cars?

Yes, coffee may be another option to get rid of the bad smells. It is good to use the ground coffee so it can work better. Just place a pot filled with ground coffee inside the car, close the windows, leave it there until the next morning and then you will see that the smoke odors will be reduced in a couple of hours.

White vinegar

Vinegar is another product used to eliminate smoke odors inside the car. We all know that using vinegar for any other things is an old custom. You may ask how it works and if its smell will remain in the car? The technique is very simple; in the cup holder place a glass full of vinegar and leave it there over the night, this way the smoke odors will be gone.


Cinnamon sticks are known for their beautiful smell and good properties. But who would have thought that they are good also in removing the cigarette smoke? In order to offer your car a sweet and nice smell, you have to boil them and put them into a mug, open the windows and leave the mug inside until the water reaches the car’s temperature. If you want, you can remain inside the car with the heater turned on and join that beautiful atmosphere. This technique can also be applied in bigger spaces like normal rooms and it is very pleasant in the winter season.

Who said cat litter is just for cats?

Do you have a cat? If yes, things are very simple; if not, they are the same too. Cat litter represents an efficient source of removing smoke smells. Just purchase some, put it into a jar, pot, or whatever you want and then place it inside of the car. An advantage of this thing is that you can reuse that litter and is not a waste of money if you own a cat. If not, if you do not want to throw it away, you can offer it to someone that has one. Plus, cat litter is good for anti-fogging; which is obviously another important feature for our cars.

Pieces of charcoal

We all know that charcoal is used for a lot of things, due to its good properties. We even apply it as a face mask. So why would we not use it to eliminate the bad smells from the car? All we have to do is to keep a big bag of charcoal in the trunks of our cars and leave it over night. This way, the charcoal will swallow the bad smell and the air will be fresher than before. After doing this, you can use the charcoal for making a grill.