Update your HGVs before going on the road again

Unfortunately, car accidents happen on a daily basis. Car collisions or accidents that involve HGV drivers and cyclists for instance are extremely common sadly and the most common cause is negligence. Yet, the number of these car accidents can be significantly reduced, especially in the case of truck drivers if before they go on the […]

Buying suspension components – things to consider

A proper suspension system is one of the defining features of any vehicle, providing ease of handling and maintaining control of the car while driving. In comparison with many vehicle repairs, upgrading the suspension is far more affordable and simple. Just by simply replacing a few suspension components, you can significantly improve the car’s performance, […]

Beginner’s Guide to Suspension Bushes

Owning a vehicle is not only about practicality and comfort – it also involves a certain degree of responsibility and drivers need to have at least basic mechanical knowledge of their car to keep it in good condition. Cars need to be checked and maintained,  and each  component has its role, but some are more […]

How Camshafts Work

Nowadays, having a developed knowledge over what are some of the most important pieces in your house or next to it is a must to get a better understanding over the world – stick with us to see how camshafts work and start do that anytime!

How Differentials Work

In order to understand how differentials work you first need to picture a car that is making a turn. The outside wheels are traveling at a higher speed because they have to travel a greater distance. The differential uses a system of gears and pinions in order to distribute the speed unevenly. It is used on the rear and front wheels as well as between them.

How Gear Ratios Work

A transmission has a small gear which is connected to the engine and inflicts the power and a large gear which spins driven by the small one. If you want to learn how gear ratios work you need to understand that the small gear moves several times faster than the big one. If one gear has twice as many teeth as the other one the gear ratio will be 2 to 1.

How CVTs Work

Unlike conventional transmissions that use gears in order to convert the engine’s speed, CVTs use different systems. The best way to understand how CVTs work is to analyze a pulley system. Such a mechanism uses an input and an output pulley in order to develop the best gear speed ratio for the acceleration.

Clutch Plate

Without the clutch plate, the transmission system would not be complete. It is designed to handle various levels of force and is a component not only of cars, but of cordless drills, chain saws and other systems too.