Equal Concept Cars for Disabled People

Absolute Design is a young company that focuses on the special needs of the disabled people. Its designers and engineers have the goal to create vehicles that can help people who suffer from impaired mobility to become more active and enjoy life just like regular people. Absolute Design has collaborated with huge automotive companies like Chrysler, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo and McLaren to design future concept cars, so we can safely assume that they create vehicles which people can rely on.

The company’s project

The campaign that was launched by the company involves raising money from contributors to develop a new concept car that will help people with disabilities become more mobile. Due to the fact that the company doesn’t have the financial resources to start this project on their own, they try to find people who are willing to turn a vehicle prototype into reality. This project has great potential and if it will be completed, it will change the life of people in need. The Equal car is an electric city car that was specially engineered with the needs of the disabled in mind. Furthermore, this stylish car was built to satisfy the requirements of people who have to use a wheelchair or a mobility scooter to move from one place to another. Although mobility scooters feature a range that allows users to travel long distances, not even the best mobility scooter for outdoors can offer the same advantages as a car that was specifically designed for people with mobility impairments. Therefore, the Equal car can ease the lives of people in wheelchairs and powered scooters significantly, because they allow them to enjoy smoother and safer rides. Moreover, they can help them become more independent.

The Equal Concept car’s features

If you take a look at some mobility scooter reviews, you will see that most models can be taken apart in order to be transported in the trunk of a car. However, this is only an option for people who can walk but have trouble walking long distances. Those who can’t walk at all face many challenges because not even the best mobility scooter for outdoors is compact enough in order to fit in a normal car without being taken apart.

Besides an outstanding design that can help drivers feel more positive and important, the Equal vehicle features a very convenient entry system which is located at its back, and not on its sides like on other vehicles. That way, people who need help to enter their cars will have the possibility to drive their mobility equipment directly into the vehicle, right on the driver’s place, and without exiting their scooters. While the exterior of the car impresses with a sporty and futuristic aspect, its interior surprises with its functionality. The two-toned car includes a removable storage box, which is very important when it comes to using your car for grocery shopping, or for visiting friends and want to bring gifts with you. So, the engineers from Absolute Design decided to incorporate an optional storage box in the design of the car. Furthermore, the interior features a driving system that includes an adjustable steering wheel with a spinner grasp for enabling steering with only one hand. Also, the Equal integrates an Autoadapt Carospeed Menox, which is an intuitive hand control device that serves for accelerating or braking, so it has these options incorporated in one place. The car also features handles and special rails for ensuring that mobility equipment users will enter and exit the car easily.