Clutch replacement

Cars are very important for every one of us, and keeping them in good shape means also having a safe driving experience.

A clutch is the device that couples the engine to the drive train. It represents the mechanism for transmitting rotation which can be engaged and disengaged. A basic clutch works alongside two rotating shafts. One is usually driven by a motor while the other one is driving another device. The clutch helps in the functioning of these two by connecting them together in order to spin or to be locked together. In many cases when this mechanism doesn’t work the way it should be a clutch replacement is needed.

The car engine spins all the time, even when the wheels stop. When you try to put your car to a stop without disengaging the motor, you need to disconnect the wheels from the engine. And this is when the clutch comes in. In the clutch system the friction play a major role. Friction refers to the measure of how hard it is to slide one object over another. The amount of force that the clutch can hold depends on the friction between the flywheel and the clutch disc.

The most common problem we have to deal with regarding clutches is when they wear out. Just like in the case of brake system, friction components of the clutch system wear out depending on how often we use them. If these friction materials wear out, the clutch starts to slip and it will no longer be able to transmit power from the car engine to the wheels. So, it becomes obvious the important role of the clutch for the maximum performance of the car. It is very important to inspect the clutch parts from once in a while or every time you notice something unusual about your clutch, and to have a clutch replacement if needed. You should count your own safety and the performance that should never be compromised.

Among the signs of the clutch wear, we should mention a slipping clutch. A simple way to see if your clutch is slipping is to find a hill somewhere and to bring your car to a reasonable speed around 40 mph and then select a high gear 4th or 5th and push the accelerator to the floor. If the car’s rev counter suddenly raises with no equal sign of acceleration this is a sign of clutch wear. Another sign of clutch wear is any unusual noise. When the clutch plate has moved slightly and becomes misaligned then your car can also have some functioning problems.

And these are only a few reasons when you will need a clutch replacement to your car.