Claiming a mileage tax refund – How to guide


Like in any other civilised country in the world, employees in the United Kingdom have a series of rights and advantages. Some of those are acknowledged by the Government, thus, guaranteed by law. However, not all employees are aware of the refunds they are entitled to while working for a company or another. For instance, there is a uniform tax refund, a mileage tax rebate and several other similar advantages for those who have stable jobs on the UK territory. But let’s see what employees should know about the already popular mileage tax.

1. Establish if you are entitled to a Mileage Allowance

If you are using your vehicle for business purposes on a regular basis, then you most certainly are entitled to an allowance of this kind. Generally, those thinking that they are entitled to such tax advantages use the services of a specialised company for managing the rather complex process. Search for a company of this kind on the web. Generally, these companies offer on their official web pages free tax relief calculators their clients can use. By using the services of such agencies, individuals are able to maximise their profits from such a process. Consider those as an option if you think that you are entitled to such a rebate.

2. Follow the logical steps

A claim of this kind can be made through correspondence or on a tax return. These taxes can be claimed following an interval of the last four years, regardless if the employee had multiple employers during that interval. However, the longer the interval, more paperwork must be provided to the institutions in force, which makes what was an already difficult process, even harder. Once again, consider hiring consultancy and assistance services from a specialised agency.

3. The total claim varies from case to case

Behind the entire mechanism, there are multiple variables and calculation formulas. Because you want to make sure that your claim is as high as possible, you must collaborate with a professional rebate agent. Search for those online, and select them depending on the experience in the field and recommendations.

4. What should I search for in a rebate service vendor?

When starting your search, there are some clues that you may be dealing with a reliable tax rebate service vendor. Search for an agency that:

  • Is an authorised one – the agency should have all their accreditations, such as the AAT;
  • The agency’s employees – a reliable agency will exclusively hire professional and experienced accountants’
  • Offer extensive services – their services don’t stop to offering Mileage Allowance assistance, they offer assistance in other processes as well;
  • They are willing to keep in touch with HMRC.

These are some generalities that all drivers should know about making a mileage tax claim. While the process is never an easy one, the outcome will certainly be a favourable one if collaborating with the right professionals. Take your time and search for options online, evaluate those and only afterward settle for one.