Prepping your car for winter

While the need of using your car frequently increases during winter, so does the need of maintaining the vehicle in a proper condition. Because the cold and snow can affect certain parts of your car, being aware of what needs to be done in order to maintain the auto in an optimal condition can be […]

Keep your teen driver safe

  You may still remember the days when you were a teen and you got your driving license. You do not want your children to do the same things you done, because you are aware now that you have exposed yourself to great dangers. These are scary days for you, because you are aware that […]

Gift ideas for car lovers you have to try

  If you are not particularly a car lover but have to shop for gifts for this type of persons, you certainly find yourself in a big dilemma. Car lovers can be tricky when it comes to gift shopping, but we are here to assist you in your journey. From small to big, these gifts […]

The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse – why buy it?

  One of the exciting releases of 2018 will be the Chevrolet Traverse – a modern SUV, which has been fully redesigned for the coming year. Many years ago, farmers were the only people who used off-road cars but at the present day, SUVs are everywhere. If by chance, you are someone who likes SUVs, […]

BMW 3-Series facts you want to know

If you are a fan of BMW you should already know that it produces qualitative cars that are pretty affordable and suitable for any kind of driver. The 3-Series is one of the most preferred cars and that’s why you should know some more specifications about it. In case you are under a limited budget […]

Claiming a mileage tax refund – How to guide

  Like in any other civilised country in the world, employees in the United Kingdom have a series of rights and advantages. Some of those are acknowledged by the Government, thus, guaranteed by law. However, not all employees are aware of the refunds they are entitled to while working for a company or another. For […]

First steps after a car accident

  Have you been involved in a car accident? If the answer is yes, then you must be in shock. Feeling a degree of emotional shock is normal after a collision. Something that you did not expect just happened and all of a sudden you feel that the world is not a safe place anymore. […]

Should you buy an Audi A4?

Launched on the market in 1994, Audi A4 is one of the longest standing lines of vehicles and definitely a general people pleaser. Over the years, Audi has made many improvements to this car, while at the same time staying true to the basic elements of the A4. The latest installment in the A4 series […]

Selling old vehicles for cash – common Q&A’s

In most cases, vehicles that become useless to the owner are left to stay in one place only, such as garage or other similar storage spaces, for a very long period. Whether it is out of commodity of because they feel emotionally attached to that car, most owners do not even consider the possibility of […]

Keep this in mind if you want to buy an SUV

Sport recreational vehicles or SUVs are quite popular in the last years. If in the past, only country folks and farmers used off-road cars, nowadays people from all around the world use them. If you choose to invest in a new model of SUV, then you will benefit from convenience and comfort, while having the […]