BMW M135i

There are a lot of people who would want to have a concept car from the great selection of BMW cars available in the industry of powerful cars.

The M135i concept has come as a response to the need of the hatchback car which is an European popular car.


The BMW M135i has a great part of its features similar to the series M belonging to BMW. The different characteristics that may be seen in the M135i are the air-intakes which are quite large and an innovative appearance of rear end. The M135 is manufactured in a very ingenious way which is characteristic to the M series. Something you can see mainly in the M series is the characteristic markings on the sides of the vehicle which give this car a distinct resemblance. If you read a car review about other similar BMW models, you will see that the brand always pays attention to detail, and this for example is one of the characteristics that can make people love or hate a certain brand. Reading a car review can save you a lot of trouble, from spending too much money on options you don’t need to telling you precisely which cars you shouldn’t be interested in.

The M135i has a gasoline powered engine which is something different since the M series BMW’s usually have diesel powered engines. So, this car has not the twin-turbo 3.0 of the old 1-series M coupe, but the new-generation single turbo. If you wonder about the power of this car, you should know it is nearly as powerful at 320 hp. Moreover, with some M modifications to improve response and sound it is indeed a great car. The steering and suspension are a little bit different and they change the rack and the geometry at the front also stiffening all the springs and dampers. In plus the BMW M135i has special brakes and unique tires differently sized front to rear.

For giving this car, the brand has followed different modifications in the car concept. The mechanical revisions which have been done have given this car better brakes. Even though these changes have been quite good ones, there are still some things which haven’t been made clear by BMW. The M135i has a turbo with six cylinders which are capable of giving 320 hp, which is quite different of the use of the twin turbo engine N45, although the producer announced this car will have a 1-6 engine of 3 liters.

The 2012 BMW M135i features some classical Ferric Grey colored exterior mirror caps, with BMW Individual High Gloss Shadow Line in the car window side. Moreover, the wheels which are made of 18 inch M light alloy give this car a fashion double spoke design. And alongside the light alloy car wheels, the large M sports braking system as braking power makes it a very safe and secure car.

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