How Differentials Work

In order to understand how differentials work you first need to picture a car that is making a turn. The outside wheels are traveling at a higher speed because they have to travel a greater distance. The differential uses a system of gears and pinions in order to distribute the speed unevenly. It is used on the rear and front wheels as well as between them.

How Gear Ratios Work

A transmission has a small gear which is connected to the engine and inflicts the power and a large gear which spins driven by the small one. If you want to learn how gear ratios work you need to understand that the small gear moves several times faster than the big one. If one gear has twice as many teeth as the other one the gear ratio will be 2 to 1.

How CVTs Work

Unlike conventional transmissions that use gears in order to convert the engine’s speed, CVTs use different systems. The best way to understand how CVTs work is to analyze a pulley system. Such a mechanism uses an input and an output pulley in order to develop the best gear speed ratio for the acceleration.

NASCAR Betting

The sport of NASCAR racing was formed in 1974 by Bill France. In the almost 40 years since its creation, the sport has taken off and gained quite a following not only in the United States but in many foreign countries as well. As part of most sports, there are also many sports bets that […]

CAP Projects Tough Times For Used Car Sales

Used car values could be set to come under renewed pressure, after a study by CAP Black Book revealed competition from new models would force values to depreciate. Stronger sales in the daily car rental sector will combine with ever cheaper new models to keep used car values low, according to the study featured in […]

Choosing Between a Used or Salvaged Car

You can save a lot of time and money if you need a new car, boat, truck, trailer, ATV or any other type of vehicle, by bidding for salvage cars for sale at; you just have to be confident about knowing how to estimate a car’s value, so you don’t overbid or underbid on really good deals.

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo comes up with an asymmetrical shape which makes it look more functional. Also, its engine promises to be powerful and technology is widely spread within the dashboard. Take a look and make a general idea of this new innovation in the world of cars and engines!

2013 Nissan 370Z Coupe

2013 Nissan 370Z Coupe is what we call a car that used to be a jewel! Just like the stars lose their glamour as time goes by, the same pattern applies to cars, sports cars in particularly, that no longer respond to public’s requirements. As the standards have grown high and higher, the name of the cars that once were considered fortunes, are easily replaced with new brands.

2013 Jaguar XK

2013 Jaguar XK has been launched on the market as a proof of Jaguar permanent update and in order to announce the future arrival of new model, coming up in the next two years. While sales at XK and XKR are on the list and keep a constant path, this new model is just a small one compared to what is going to be launched for professional drivers!

Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style

Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style, often mistook with an CLS, is the promoter for the new series of cars launched by Mercedes-Benz. These cars come up with a new platform that was called Mercedes Front-Drive Architecture and which makes customers think that the car is actually bigger than its real dimensions.

Torque Converter

If we should explain how a torque converter works, we should say it is a type of hydrodynamic fluid coupling which transfers rotating power from a prime mover to a rotating driven load.

BMW M135i

The BMW M135i has many of the similar features of the M series and the distinguishing features that can be observed in the M135i are a new front fascia, a larger air intakes and a rear end that comes with an improved look with two exhaust openings.