Audi S3

The 2013 Audi S3 is the latest version from Audi of S3, made using, in essence, the same recipe that was used for the previous models: three-door or five-door hatchback shape, front-biased all-wheel-drive running gear, powerful turbocharged four-cylinder motor mounted up front. The only difference is that for this version, Audi has altered for the most part each of its features to make it more competent, faster, and, actually better in general.

Even if the engine has a similar capacity of 1,984cc as its previous model, it is, in fact, brand new and conveys 296bhp (with 35bhp more than the old engine of 2.0-litre), ¬†also having a valuable torque of 280lb ft to assist it from 1,800rpm to 5,500rpm. All these features make it blister from its harmless look that this little Audi postures: it hits 0 to 62mph from rest in only 4.8 seconds with the S-tronic DSG ‘box (0.4 more for the 6spd manual) and Audi S3 easily reaches 155mph before it strikes a limiter. Given this performance, you might also want to invest in a radar detector before hitting the streets with this car, that is if you want to avoid some speeding tickets. If you don’t know which gadget to choose, visit On this website you will find reviews of the best radar detectors on the market. This is probably the only gadget which you will have to add to this car. Aside from this, the new Audi model is very well equipped.

The S3 was a fast but rather dull car to drive, but Audi has removed some of the hard chassis engineering when designing this Audi S3 model. In this case it has been actually removed in a literal way, thus it weights 60kg less than before. The front axle has been pushed forward 42mm (the VW Group’s modular transverse platform should receive some appreciations for that engineering solution), and the engine is both a little lighter and canted backwards by 12 degrees.

This may seem to be insignificant modifications, but the S3 is stronger to turn that it has ever been, and remains neutral even when reaching serious high speeds, when it understeers mildly. The steering is a little blunt, but the ride is satisfactory and you can cover ground fast with AWD security, even when traction is raises some problems. Audi S3 is more impressive rather than fun.

This S3 model offers only reasons of pride to Audi’s usual extremely well-executed interior quality, complete with flat-bottomed wheel, beautiful massively comfortable seats and a tiny boost gauge in the instrument collection. But there is not much that can be compared to Audi S3’s sportiness.

Overall we really enjoyed a ride in this car, and we will surely take it for another ride if we have the opportunity. If you are looking to buy such a beauty with 296bhp coming from its 2-litre four-cylinder turbo engine, you should know the prices start at £30,500.