Aston Martin Virage

If you are among the Aston Martin fans, then you are probably looking for the most seductive of all sports cars on the market. And since the car industry has developed a lot lately, the world of Aston Martin looks very different as well from what it used to be a long time ago. With the 2012 Aston Martin Virage, the British car manufacturer gets in line with the current range of cars.

You should know the Virage was Aston Martin’s replacement for the decades-old V8 models. The new generation of Virage was introduced at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show to fit into the middle of Aston Martin’s current lineup. Aston Martin wasn’t always among the best cars in the world, but the brand does have a special something; as for this model, it is obvious immediately that the sleek and futuristic design will be one of the most appreciated features of this automobile. However, what’s under the hood shouldn’t be ignored, and you have to give it to those British engineers for maintaining high quality standards and at least striving to make the best cars in the world no matter what.

The new Virage is a great car for those who want an every day all round sports car. The price though places this car among the luxurious automobiles that not too many can afford having. The Virage is somewhere between the Aston Martin DB9 and the leading performance DBS within the current range in both pricing and power output. The power source of this car is given by a 6.0 litre V12 engine, which produces 490bhp, which is exactly 20bhp below that of DB9 and 20bhp more than its biggest brother which is the DBS.

Regarding its look, we can say that the Aston Martin Virage looks similar to that of the DB9, but features a wider mouthed grill, newer looking skirted sills, a much cleaner front bumper and a single lower grille to move away from the DB9’s three-piece grille styling.

The appearance of this new car manufactured by Aston Martin is vastly improved over the DB9 look and it also brings a more elegant feel. This car brings a true feel of a GT2+2 or a two seats option. Inside the design is fresh and more modern and you can find newly styled and upgraded leather seats, which add to this can comfortable feel. Overall we can say this car represents a very attractive car featuring a high performance system.

The 2012 Aston Martin Virage features a standard Touchtronic II six-speed automatic and an Adaptive Damping System which provides optimum road holding with up to five different stiffness settings within normal mode and a further five stiffer settings within sport mode. The car is capable of reaching 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. The new Virage launched at the Geneva Motor Show became available in two versions, which are Coupe and Volante (convertible). And the truth is that this sports car is a great choice for those who love stylish and powerful cars.

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